WINTER, 2021: Amyn wraps "The Resident" for Fox as well as two episodes of "Walker" Season Two. Two films he wrote, "A Kindhearted Christmas" and "A Lot Like Christmas" will premiere this holiday season. 

WINTER/SPRING 2021: Amyn directs a first-season episode of "Walker" for the CW as well as "Animal Kingdom" for TNT.

WINTER, 2019/2020: Amyn directs three more "Supernatural" episodes as well as "The 100." 

SUMMER, 2019: Amyn writes and directs "Grounded for Christmas" for Mar Vista Entertainment and Lifetime Network and directs three more episodes of "Supernatural." 

MARCH, 2018: Amyn's screenplay "The Christmas Calendar" goes into production with MPCA for a winter premiere on Netflix. Read more about it here
FALL, 2018: Amyn will return to "Supernatural" to direct several more episodes.
Amyn wraps his latest episode of "Supernatural" (#1318) which airs on March 22!

NOVEMBER, 2017: 
Amyn wraps his second episode of "Supernatural" (#1311) which aired on Jan 25th!

OCTOBER, 2016:
Amyn wins 2016 Cinestory Fellowship for his feature-length screenplay "Chokora"