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STICKY (aka "chokora")

STICKY (formerly "Chokora") is an upcoming feature film written and to be directed by Amyn Kaderali about the street kids of Nairobi. The screenplay was workshopped in the Film Independent Lab and won the 2016 Cinestory Fellowship Award. 

"sizzle" trailer


STICKY will be a powerful and illuminating coming-of-age dramatic feature film in the vein of "Slumdog Millionaire," "City of God," and "Tsotsi." 

KIMANI, a bright Kenyan boy, must join a gang of "chokora" in order to survive on Nairobi's mean streets, but the life of petty crime and glue-sniffing threatens to derail his dreams of one day becoming a pilot and escaping a life of poverty. 

STICKY will be shot on-location in Nairobi, mixing handheld, immersive camerawork with potent and dramatic imagery, brought to life by rehabilitated former street kids. They will be our guides in telling this story, helping to hone truthful, specific and realistic performances in order to keep the film honest and real. A largely Kenyan crew will also be employed as key collaborators to ensure authenticity. 

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